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At American Pest Management, we strive to perform the highest level of service with high technology, environmentally friendly products, to take care of your issue the first time. Our specified divisions work with our staff scientists to ensure the correct matrix of products are used to solve all of your pest needs. Most of our services are covered under a warranty, so you can have the piece of mind knowing your pest problem will be solved.

That is the American Pest Management Guarantee!

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With the amount of uncertainty in the world today, maintaining a disinfected space is crucial to providing a safe environment to you and your property. This piece of mind will allow you to certify that your specified space has been professionally disinfected by medical grade viruscide, and that all touchable surface are safe. It is very important to have a plan to disinfect your business or residences. Let American Pest Management give you that piece of mind.

Spiders can be found in vast quantities in Florida. Depending on where they are located, a spider can actually do good for you and your structure! If you have a spider on the exterior of your building, it will capture insects like mosquitoes which may save you from becoming bit! If you feel that there are spiders that need to be removed from the interior or exterior of your structure, American Pest Management has the tool to do so and the products to ensure another doesn’t take its place.

Being Stung is never fun. Good Thing American Pest Management has all of the tools and the expertise to take care of all the stinging insects you may encounter. From Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, and Bees. American Pest Management has customization solutions to ensure your property stays sting free!

Bat populations in Florida have dwindled over time. This protected species is an invaluable part of our ecosystem, eating mosquitoes that can carry many diseases. American Pest Management respects this species important part of the ecosystem. If a bat does make its way into your structure, and develops it into a nesting area, American Pest Management is here for you. A bat exclusion can safely relocate the bats out of your structure, allowing you to be Bat Free! This protects your area to stay bat free and it protects the bats as well!

A Portable Aerosol System (PAS) is the process of applying an aerosol mixture of products into the cracks and crevices of a structure to rid these areas of pests. This heavy treatment is most common in unoccupied roach infested areas that need more than just a regular treatment

Does your structure have tubing built into the walls to apply a barrier of products to protect against pests? Are You looking for a company to come out and service this system for you while only using the highest quality products on the market? You are in luck! American Pest Management has the tools and the systems in place to take care of specialized service for you.

Bed Bugs do not discriminate, they can affect anyone from any place. Luckily, American Pest Management are the Pros in eliminating a bed bug infestation. We go though and thoroughly treat every crack and crevices around the interior of the affected area. By using a products with active ingredients that target the bed bug, we are able to kill bed bugs and their eggs. We will even warranty our services, that is how confident we are in our ability to get rid of your bed bug issue. An infestation can be stressful, let American Pest Management walk you through the process and effectively treat and eliminate your pest issues.

Termite Treatments

Termites can cause detrimental damage to your assets. Even if your structure is block, brick, or built on a concrete slab, Termites can still infest your life. Luckily, American Pest Management has the years of knowledge and expertise can solve most of your termite issues, without the need to tent your structure.


Spot Treatments are an environmentally friendly, low cost option for you and your structure. Our high technology products combined with years of knowledge and expertise allow us to solve almost any termite issue in your structure at a economically friendly price to you!

Trench Treatments Are a highly effective options for treating subterranean termites emerging from the earth around your structure. Using products with active molecule technology, this treatment will take care of any earth dwelling termites around your structure!

Pre-Construction Treatment Are a great preventative measure in protecting your asset from a future infestation of termites. Required by building code, Pre-Treatments are applied before a new concrete slab is poured where a structure will be built upon. American Pest Management can Pre-Treat areas the size of a pipe when breaking through the foundation in a Bathroom Remodel, to the size of a whole Apartment Complex before a foundation is poured.

Dry wood Termites

Dry Wood Termites are most prevalent in the Spring to Summer seasons in Florida. These termites are characterized by the “Kick-Out Holes” and “Frass” they produce upon consuming wood. American Pest Management can treat most Dry Wood Termite infestations without the need to displace you or your family and without filling your life with dangerous and toxic chemicals.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites like their name suggests, live in the soil. These termites come from the soil around a structure and create highways to the wood inside. These termites can infest whole structures and cause damage inside of walls which can be unseen from an untrained eye. American Pest Management offers Treatment for Subterranean Termites which will not displace you or your family. We can also come out once a year to inspect your property to issue a report stating it is Termite Free, if the covered termites do infest your structure, American Pest Management will come out and treat these Termites for no extra cost to you!

Formosan Termites

Formosan Termites have the same characteristics as Subterranean Termites, but are more ferocious in consuming wood products. American Pest Management can treat them all, without displacing you or your family! Our No Tenting Termite Treatments may be the best option to take care of most Termite Infestations in your life, without the need of introducing toxic and dangerous chemicals into your life.

Florida’s Sub Tropical Climate is the perfect environment for Ants to thrive in. With that being said, American Pest Management has the perfect solution to any Ant issue you may be having. No Matter the Ant, No Matter the Area, American Pest Management will create a plan of treatment specialized for your pest issue.

Baiting: The reason an Ant has made its way into a structure is because if has found some sort of necessity there; Food, Water, or Shelter. With our baiting practices, ants will take our bait product back to the colony for all to enjoy. This is great for us, but it is bad news for the ant colony. Our bait products taken back to the colony will be consumed by the queen and all of the workers, causing the whole colony to be wiped out. This will rid the Ants from your life, without the need of applying any types of poisons in and around you or your loved ones.

Roaches are an insect no one wants to find in their life. There are multiple different roaches in Florida which have different meaning for their presence. Just because a roach is found inside of your structure, it does not mean you are “Dirty” or you living habits are “unclean”. Take a look at a few examples of common roaches most commonly found in our Florida Environment.

American Cockroach: The American Cockroach or Commonly Called “Palmetto Bug” are a roach commonly found outside in the warm and humid Florida environment. These roaches need a lot of water to survive compared to other roaches and if they are found inside of your structure, it is most likely the roach is near death. That is of of course not always the case. If you believe you have an American Cockroach Infestation inside of your structure, you need the professionals to come out and identify the source of the issue and effectively treat, before it is too late.

German Cockroach:  German Cockroaches can infest structures that have a moisture source and a food source very quickly. It is often a misconception that German Roaches are difficult to get rid of. With our years of experience, and by using the best products available, American Pest Management is able to solve any German Roach issue that you may have. Roaches in your life can mean bad news to your health and well being. Let American Pest Management take the stress out of dealing with pest issues.

Silverfish are small wingless insects that thrive in dark moist areas. These insects are most commonly found in old boxes and paper products consuming the carbohydrates and starches from the paper products.

Fleas can infest both the inside and the outside of a structure. Lucky for you, American Pest Management has the tools and the knowledge to find the source of the issue, and solve it for you.

Exterior Treatment: An Exterior Flea Treatment can issue a peace of mind for you and the ones around you. Treating a yard, a walkway, a dog park, and everything in between, American Pest Management uses the best products with a plan of action designed for you specific needs to keep the fleas out of your life and restore piece of mind.

Interior Treatment: An Interior Flea Treatment will rid an infested building of fleas, guaranteed! Our interior flea treatments come with a warranty, so you can have piece of mind knowing that your interiors will be flea free!

Ticks can infest both the inside and the outside of a structure. Lucky for you, American Pest Management has the tools and the knowledge to find the source of the issue, and solve it for you.

Exterior Treatment: An Exterior Tick Treatment can issue a peace of mind for you and the ones around you. Treating a yard, a walkway, a dog park, and everything in between, American Pest Management uses the best products with a plan of action designed for you specific needs to keep the Ticks out of your life and restore piece of mind.

Earwigs are small insects that have a backside that resembles a pincher. These insects prefer to live outdoors in cool and damp areas, but may make there was into a structure to escape from changing weather conditions such as a change in temperature or a rain storm.

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Our Multi Family Housing division is one of a kind. We are experts in effectively treating all of your residents needs in an efficient manner. Our full scope of services will solve any pest issue

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Our commercial and industrial services use state of the art techniques to keep all of your assets free of any pests. Trust American Pest to solve your pest issues with our years of experience

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