There are approximately 20,000 different species of bees in the world. They live in colonies with three types of bees in each colony.

  • Queen bee – Her only role is to reproduce.
  • Worker bee – They are all female, and their chores are to collection pollen and nectar to feed the colony, clean the hive, and care for the offspring.
  • Drone – Are all male, and their only function is to mate with the queen.


Bees have been seen in all colors, except red. Only the female bees stings. Certain species of bees die after stinging; their stingers are attached to their abdomen, and have little barbs or hooks on them so when they fly away after stinging a part of the abdomen is ripped away.


The best way to solve any bee problem, is to have a pest control professional properly identify the type of bee you’re dealing with and perform the proper treatment and/or removal of the hive. We are highly trained, and equipped to handle your situation.